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Extend lifetime of the mailbox more than 10 minutes

At the default you can extend box lifetime by click on button "+10 minutes"

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    + 10 min.
    + 30 min.
1000 min.
30 min.
Current +7 days
0 min.

Forwarding messages to the real mailbox

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    Forwarding messages to the real mailbox

    Add forward email
+ Add forward email

Forwarding messages to the real mailbox

In Temp Mailbox is possible to forwarding message from temporary box to the real mailbox.

This feature is useful for users who want to receive emails from various sites without showing your real email address.

Use up to 10 temporary mail boxes at the same time

Temp Mailbox allows you to create few email addresses simultaneously. Do not constrain your opportunities while using our service!

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Temp Mailbox easy to use!

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